Cabling 4D



  • Low-cost solution
  • Design Wiring Schematics using IEC, VDC and JIC symbols
  • Create scaled and non-scaled Harness layouts - automatic output of Bill of Materials, Wire Cutting & Connector Lists ready to be used for production
  • Automatic part selection for connectors, terminals, seals & more



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Cabling is the ideal tool for the design and production of electrical harnesses in all sectors; from automotive & off-road to household appliances. Easy and intuitive to use, Cabling is an all-in-one tool which provides two design environments for the creation of wiring diagrams and harness layouts. Both environments communicate with each other to share and update design information.

Cabling Wiring Diagram Highlights

  • Fast and interactive drawings using IEC, VDE and JIC symbols
  • Built-in commands for the control of drawing revision levels and printing
  • Start with data contained in a Harness Layout

Cabling Harness Layout Highlights

  • Quick and easy drawing of connectors, terminals, seals and bundles
  • Draw full-scale layouts to be used as a Nailboard/Formboard in production
  • Draw scaled layouts for use in service and maintainence documentation
  • Input wires from data in an Excel file
  • Automatic calculations of wire lengths and bundle diameters
  • Start with data from a Wiring Diagram