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The Centricity Consulting customer support team is committed to a comprehensive and quality service that meets our customers' business and technical requirements.  Learn more about our support services.

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Premier Annual Support and Maintenance

Purchased on a per license basis this entitles the user to:

  • Regular product maintenance updates including product enhancements
  • Access to a password controlled support web site which includes:

+ Web support request form
+ Online Tecnical Library
+ Frequently Asked Questions
+ Product Updates & Service Pack Downloads

Netmeeting, email and/or other similar technologies can be used to facilitate desktop sharing, share drawings, etc. to assist in the resolution of issues.

On Site Support

On site support can be provided as Expert User Days involving one-on-one support which may include:

  • Best practice consultancy
  • Developing a "best practice" documented process
  • Integration and deployment with in-house enterprise systems
  • One-to-one coaching for key users, design reviews etc.

This is designed to motivate a product champion within your organisation who will help to encourage best practice and best use of our software tools.  This in turn helps to ensure that your organisation will achieve the maximum return on your investment in our products in the minimum amount of time.

On site support is provided on a day basis rate.

If appropriate we would engage with our partners to provide longer term project support to our customers.