Dedicated Software for Wire Harness & EDS Engineers

IPS Cable Simulation

Real-Time Simulation of Wires, Wiring Harnesses & Hoses

IPS Cable Simulation provides world-leading technology for the simulation of wires, wiring harnesses and hoses. Its accuracy is unique due to algorithms developed with the Fraunhofer Research Institute.

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IPS Cable Simulation Software

Design Optimisation, Virtual Assembly and Digital Mock-up of Cables, Hoses and Wiring Harnesses

Save time and reduce costs, and improve the quality and durability of your products with IPS Cable Simulation.

  • Interactive user interface with real-time visualisation
  • Automatic cable routing and optimise paths
  • Detect collisions and identify the optimum position of materials
  • Minimise the number of physical prototypes and interations
  • Motion and stress analysis of flexible materials

IPS is integrated into the product processes of leading automotive companies such as Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.


Key Features and Benefits:

Key Features and Benefits:


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