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Watch How to Design and Simulate Hydraulic Hoses with IPS Cable

Watch How to Design and Simulate Hydraulic Hoses with IPS Cable

Causes for failures on hydraulic hoses can be twisting, abrasion and bending during the influence of moving parts such as the boom or the arm of an excavator. In addition, the correct orientation of fittings is a crucial task to avoid collision and friction on surrounding parts.
Realistic modelling of hoses in 3D CAD is a great challenge, as these components are only represented as rigid entities. The complex mechanical behavior of flexible components is not correctly represented and can lead to unexpected consequences in the real world.
Therefore, a system considering the actual shape and the influence of moving parts is necessary to encounter these challenges.

IPS Cable Simulation solves these challenges by modelling actual physically correct behaviors in real-time. Modelling time will be reduced and all necessary requirements can be considered in an easy-to-use environment.​​​​​

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